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Will I have medical benefits?
Will I have medical benefits?
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EPI provides an accidental and illness policy for all of its J-1 and J-2 participants. It also includes repatriation in the event of death and medical evacuation to your home country in the event of a serious accident or illness that will not be treated in the USA.

J Visa holders are required by law to maintain specific insurance coverage for the duration of the Exchange Visitor Program. EPI enrolls all J-1 teachers in an insurance plan that meets and exceeds the federal regulations governing the J Visa program.

EPI insurance is provided to the J-1 teacher at a minimal cost to the individual. You may NOT opt out of the minimal coverage required by the regulations; however, you may certainly research additional insurance if you wish. Any additional coverage will be at the expense of the J-1 teacher.

All J-1 teachers are required to participate in an EPI orientation that provides information about healthcare and health insurance coverage.

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