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What else should I know about bringing my family to the U.S.?
What else should I know about bringing my family to the U.S.?
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As a requirement of the J-1 Visa, you must have sufficient financial resources to pay for all of the expenses of each accompanying family members on a J-2 visa during participation in the program. 

There are significantly higher costs for each additional person you bring, such as insurance, food, housing, childcare and travel. One or two people can live comfortably on a teacher’s salary, assuming that you do not have outstanding financial obligations.

Your child may be able to attend the school where you will be teaching, depending on the grade level you teach and your child’s age. 

After accepting a position, you should contact the school district to find out its enrollment requirements. In many public school districts, the school that the dependent attends will be determined based on where they live, so you may want to consider this when choosing housing.

For more details regarding family travel, please see article: 

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