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Uploading Home Tie Documentation
Uploading Home Tie Documentation
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Home Tie Documentation Tutorial

What is a home tie document? Documentation that shows you have ties to your home country and plan to return to your home country once the program is complete.

Follow this documentation checklist:

  • Proof of home and/or property ownership

  • Proof of automobile ownership

  • A letter from your current place of work stating that your position will be held until your return

or TWO of the following:

  • A credit card statement

  • A 401k or retirement plan

  • A loan statement

  • Upload new 3 month bank statements to show you are financially stable and able to participate in the program. 

Documents must:

  • Be in your name or your spouse's name- A parent or other family member does not apply here

  • Must be certified translated if not in English

  • Must be official documentation and valid

*Please note, you should upload as many of the documents above as you can.  Your application must be reviewed in full, by our team before we are able to determine your eligibility. 

It is important that you upload documentation as instructed, so our team can process your application quickly!

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