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Documentation Needed for Your EPI Application
Documentation Needed for Your EPI Application
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Documentation Needed to Complete Your EPI Application:

  • Valid passport

  • All degree documentation (diploma, academic transcripts and certified translations)

  • Criminal record checks (from all countries lived in, in past 5 years)

  • Home tie documentation (proof of ownership for car, house, property and/or return job letter) 

  • Bank statements (3 to 6 months of transaction history)

  • Proof of employment documentation (all schools since Bachelor’s Degree)

  • References (2 school supervisors and 1 school co-worker)

  • Credential evaluation (By request of EPI Team member)

Other Documents You May Need:

  • Family documentation (valid passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate)

  • Social security card

  • Past US teaching licenses 

  • Driver’s license (If a driver)

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