Permanent and Temporary Housing

Learn more about establishing housing in the USA.

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Permanent Housing

Be mindful that most housing in the USA is unfurnished, and if it is furnished it will typically come with a higher rent. Speak with the landlord about what specific items will be in your apartment when you move in. Additionally, If you fill out a housing application online, there may be a spot where you will need to put in a Social Security number. If you see this, please enter: 000 00 0000 or 999 99 9999. This will allow you to finish the application.

In the USA, many apartment complexes will not let you apply unless you have a Social Security card. They use this to check your credit history in most cases. EPI has contacted each of the properties listed on C.O.R.E. posts to verify that they do have alternative ways for you to apply for housing. Lastly, while we have contacted the housing options listed in C.O.R.E. posts, we are unable to guarantee any specific details about each housing option as landlords may change what they offer. Therefore, it is best to contact the landlord yourself as soon as possible to inquire with any questions you have about the housing option. Please remember that housing is your responsibility to finalize. 

When calling an apartment/rental agency listed on your C.O.R.E. post, you will want to clearly explain your unique situation so they will be best able to assist you. If you do not have a social security number from previous work in the US, here are some things to keep in mind:

Important background information:

  • Your visa sponsor is Educational Partners International

  • EPI cannot co-sign any leases

  • You will begin the process of obtaining a social security number within 10 business days of entering the US

Documents you will have:

  • Passport/US visa

  • I-94 (Lawful record of admission to the US)

  • DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility) -Additional document showing legal status

  • Educator Contract (States employer and salary)

  • Support Letter (States employer and contact information for employment verification)

  • Bank Statements

  • Criminal record check from home country

You can see EPI's designation on the US Dept. of State’s website under designated J1 sponsors:

If you have already looked at the permanent housing suggestions listed on your C.O.R.E. post and have not found anything that meets your needs, consider using resources such as to browse for other rental options in your area. When using Zillow, be sure to communicate that you are here on a J-1 visa and make sure they can accommodate international applicants, especially if you do not yet have a social security number. You can also use Zillow to calculate how much you can afford to pay in rent each month.

Be sure to use the maps included in your C.O.R.E. post to check the distance between your school and any housing options. Some of the permanent housing suggestions listed on your C.O.R.E. post are property managers, which own a variety of housing options across your community. Therefore, those options are not reflected on the map included in your C.O.R.E. post and you will need to determine the distance on your own.

Please notify our team if you identify any changes or discrepancies in the information provided in C.O.R.E. posts.

Temporary Housing

After their Arrival Orientation, EPI will transport all incoming program members to their new community in the USA. EPI will drop you off at the Drop-Off hotel, labeled as such on your community's C.O.R.E. post. You will not be transported directly to your housing or any other location. This is an example of how a Drop-Off hotel is listed in a C.O.R.E. post:

We recommend that if you are planning to book a hotel while you search for permanent housing, you book the Drop-Off hotel so that you do not have to arrange transportation elsewhere. If you do want to find some other hotel options, you can use resources such as

Housing Disclaimer: EPI provides housing lists as a convenience to applicants and program members and as information only. EPI makes no representations or warranties about the safety or structure of any of the listings. We strongly recommend you research information about the neighborhood you will be living in. Additionally, EPI does not enter into any housing agreements. As a tenant, you assume full responsibility for location, condition, and contractual terms of any rental unit. EPI will also not become involved in arrangements between teachers and roommates and teachers and landlords.

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